NASA considers 'adopting' Binghamton for program

The City of Binghamton is being considered for NASA's 'Adopt A City' program

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - Representatives of NASA were in town this week considering whether the space agency should adopt Greater Binghamton.

Eric Clark, Manager of NASA's Midwest Regional Economic Development Initiative toured several small and medium sized manufacturers in the region with Binghamton's Director of Economic Development Bob Murphy.

NewsChannel 34 caught up with them during a tour of the Red Barn Technology Group in Binghamton.

NASA has an Adopt-A-City program in which it identifies a region with an historic manufacturing base and then sees if it can assist companies using its facilities, technology and expertise.

"We know that there are a lot of entrepreneurs out there that can look at those exact technologies and create a product for right here on Earth. So, we encourage that interaction. We encourage between our individual scientists and these companies. We also encourage it in terms of companies coming in and licensing the intellectual property that we have within the NASA walls," said Clark.

Murphy says it's also an opportunity for smaller manufacturers to show off their capabilities and perhaps become part of the supply chain for NASA.

"The fact that NASA is seriously considering us for that is kudos to those manufacturers who have worked hard and dealt with the adversity that they do have and to make that go," said Murphy.

Murphy says he feels optimistic that NASA will adopt Greater Binghamton.

Clark plans to return to our area next month.

He says that if NASA moves forward with the relationship, the NASA lab and scientists could begin working with local companies as early as this Fall. 

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