Meeting to Discuss Huron Leachate Controversy

By Peter Quinn

Published 02/07 2014 04:54PM

Updated 02/07 2014 05:10PM

Leachate was the hot topic in Endicott last night. i3, formerly Endicott Interconnect Technologies, treats the product, which is basically water runoff from the garbage in landfills.

The Western Broome Environmental Stakeholders Committee hosted the Department of Environmental Conservation at its meeting to talk about it. IBM actually built a treatment facility many years ago. EIT took it over from Big Blue and treated its own waste water from operations as well as leachate from the Broome County and Seneca Meadows landfills. Less than 10 percent of i3's treatment facility handles leachate.

Some residents in Endicott became concerned last year when they smelled a terrible odor around the Huron Campus and heard that there had been a leachate spill. The DEC's Mary Jane Peachey says the smell was from leachate, but to her knowledge that is no longer a problem.

"When the facility became aware of those concerns, they were able to collect the vapors that come off of the tank that receive the leachate and put that it through a carbon treatment and that has taken care of the situation, as we know it," said Peachey.

An Endicott resident that we talked with said the smell did go away by late last year. Some environmental activists say they are concerned that i3 is treating leachate and even more afraid that the facility might take fracking waste water in the future. Peachey does say the facility is not accepting fracking waste water at this time.

A spokesman for i3 says the owners of the company have been in meetings all day and he was unable to get ahold of them for comment before news time.

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