Look, up in the sky! Plane advertising student housing seen flying around area

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - A plane towing along a message for Greater Binghamton has been spotted flying over our area.

An aerial advertising company from East Moriches, Long Island has been contracted to fly a banner promoting the U-Club Binghamton Student Apartments in Vestal.

East Moriches Aerial Advertising Owner and Pilot Ron DeLalio has flown a pattern over downtown Binghamton, Johnson City and Vestal.

He's been taking off and landing at Tri-Cities Airport in Endicott.

DeLalio says aerial advertising is effective and on the rise.

"It works. We were doing well years ago and then internet advertising came along and people are getting tired of it now. They're falling back onto aerial advertising, the stuff that works," he said.

Although it was breezy and rainy, DeLalio was able to fly a full 4-hour shift.

The plane is a Cessna L-19, a former piece of military aircraft.

Some people have told NewsChannel 34 they cannot read the banner because it's too high in the air.

DeLalio says he has to stay above 1,000 feet in the air by law and because of our area's rolling terrain, he has to stay up even higher.

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