Local Vietnam vet displays his photos taken during war for 'Innocent Souls' exhibit

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - An exhibit of photographs from the Vietnam War aims to illustrate the message that all wars are bad.

'Innocent Souls: Vietnam 1968' is a collection of photos taken by Vestal native Glenn Hoover.

The son of the late Vestal football coach Dick Hoover, Glenn volunteered for the ROTC and became an Infantry Platoon Leader.

Hoover says that at the time, he felt he had a job to do and just wanted to make it home safe.

He took the pictures for personal memorabilia, not in an effort to document the war.

But, in the intervening years, he's come to look at all wars, whether justified or not, as being terrible things to the people involved.

"The people that decide to take us to these wars, are not the people who pay the price. It's the innocent souls that actually pay the price.  Our soldiers, the enemies, the civilians that happen to be in the area," said Hoover.

The exhibit is dedicated to Hoover's high school teammate, Jim.

Hoover wants his fellow citizens to take responsibility for the actions of our country by holding our elected leaders accountable for their decisions.

He feels that the U.S. has repeated some of the mistakes it made in Vietnam during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

'Innocent Souls' is on display in the gallery of the SUNY Broome Library through the end of the month.

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