Local Vape Store Owner Opposed to Proposed E-Cigarette Legislation

Published 04/18 2014 12:32PM

Updated 04/18 2014 05:30PM

The owner of a local electronic cigarette chain says he's threatened with closure.

Vapor King on the Vestal Parkway is one of two e-cigarette retail stores co-owned by John Burns.

E-cigarettes vaporize a flavored liquid that typically contains nicotine, the highly addictive stimulant found in tobacco products like traditional cigarettes.

Vapor King sells more than 150 different flavors with varying amounts of nicotine.

Consumers purchase the vaporizer and refill it with the different flavored liquids.

A Republican New York State Senator from Long Island has introduced a bill that would ban the sale of liquid nicotine.

Senator Kemp Hannon argues that the health affects of higher doses of nicotine haven't been fully studied and that the fruit or candy flavors are too appealing to children.

Burns says he's not trying to sell to kids.

"We make sure that everybody's 18 years or older before they enter the store. That's a rule, you can only buy these products if you're 18 years and older. As for flavoring and minors, I believe that adults like flavors too. The flavoring is a big aspect of this. If we couldn't sell our flavors, then we wouldn't have much to sell over here," said Burns.

While he doesn't claim that e-cigarettes have no health risks, Burns argues they're not nearly as bad as smoking tobacco because the vapor does not include tar or carbon dioxide.

Burns says many people use e-cigarettes to transition away from nicotine altogether, like using a patch or gum.

And he predicts that if liquid nicotine is banned, many other users will simply return to smoking.

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