Local Neurosurgeon Indicted on Tax Fraud Charges

By Peter Quinn

Published 02/26 2014 04:58PM

Updated 02/26 2014 05:19PM

A local neurosurgeon has been indicted for allegedly cheating on his tax returns over the past two decades. The United States Attorneys Office in Virginia claims that Dr. Saeed Bajwa fraudulently claimed tax deductions for at least some of the $800,000 he donated to charitable organizations that do work in Pakistan.

The government says he received tax deductions and at the same time received other compensation, such as stock, in exchange for the same donations.

The federal government is not accusing him of giving money to terror front groups.

Bajwa has pleaded not guilty to the tax accusations. His attorney, David Deitch with IFRA Law, said Bajwa is an accomplished neurosurgeon who has achieved enormous success and has been very generous. Deitch claims Bajwa's money has helped build hospitals in Pakistan, which were desperately needed, and 400 schools.

He also said his client has been wrongly accused. According to Deitch, Bajwa donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to two charitable organizations and that he also made other investments in which he received stock, but did not claim tax deductions.

"Dr. Bajwa is a well respected physician in this community who has been wrongly accused. I hope that your listeners will remember that he is presumed innocent and we are very confident that we will clear his reputation when this case is completed," said Deitch.

Deitch does say that there may have been some people that did make donations to the same organizations who tried to cheat the government out of tax revenue, but Bajwa was not one.

The next court proceeding is next month, although there is no trial date.

Bajwa is still practicing medicine from his neuro-surgery group based in Johnson City. If convicted, he could face prison time.

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