How to Dispose of Batteries

Published 07/03 2014 12:54PM

Updated 07/03 2014 07:15PM

We all use plenty of batteries, whether it be in electronic devices, cell phones, cars - you name it.
Eventually, they do wear out and they need to be recycled, not thrown out.

"The batteries, all because of their chemistries, have certain types of metals and other hazardous materials in them. Some are in very small amounts, some are in larger amounts, depending on what type of battery it is and those all need to be recycled so we can reclaim those metals and different items. They're also hazardous to the environment," said Brian Donnelly, B.C. Solids and Hazardous Waste Technician.

Wegmans is one site that accepts batteries, near where you get your cart.

You can put alkaline batteries, such as single and double A's, button batteries like you would use in watches and calculators and rechargeables, that have been placed in plastic bags, in specified holes.

You can also drop those batteries and larger car and sealed lead-acid batteries off at the landfill.

You do need to be careful to make sure that certain batteries don't ignite a flame.

"Your alkaline, single use, batteries can just be put in the drum. However, the rechargeable batteries, any of the lithium based or the metal hydraulic ones, the ends needs to be taped or put in a plastic bag so it isolates each battery individually when it gets put in the drum. That's important because sometimes the batteries have a little bit of a charge left on them and if they do come in contact with each other they can cause a spark and fire can be started during transportation," said Donnelly.

Examples of batteries that you should tape the ends of include those from cell phones, laptop computers and from portable telephones.

So far this year the Broome County Lanfill has received close to 20 55-gallon drums of batteries.

They are sorted and then sent to specialized recycling facilities.

The Broome County Landfill is located at 286 Knapp Road, near the Greater Binghamton Airport.

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