Greek Peak Improves Grooming

Published 03/19 2014 04:58PM

Updated 03/19 2014 05:18PM

While veteran skiers have enjoyed the new quad lift and Trax Bar and Grill at Greek Peak, what has many of them talking is the marked improvement in snow conditions this season.

That's because the new owners of Greek Peak have poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into their snowmaking operation. That includes a new pump house to draw water from the creek with three large air compressors providing twice the ability to push water up the mountain. And that water is now traveling in larger pipes.

An additive called Snow Max also helps the man made snow crystalize.

"When you ski it, you really feel the difference. It's like a styrofoam snow is what we call it. You can get a good edge in and grip. It's not hard pack, it's not washed out. And we also have three trails that have great bumps on them and people like to ski bumps," said operations manager Rick Bunnell.

The biggest addition may be a new Pistenbully 600 groomer. The machine takes to the mountain each night to tear up the snow and lay down a nice even carpet. It has greater horsepower to drive more quickly up the steep terrain.

"The tiller on it is a new design that Pistenbully came out with a few years ago. There's more teeth on it, it has more speed, it just does a great job. Chews all this stuff up, spits it out and you lay that corduroy down behind it."

The Pistenbully even has a winch attached so that it can be pulled up some of the steepest hills, bringing grooming to areas inaccessible before.

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