Governor Andrew Cuomo proposes legislation to prevent foreign meddling in US elections

NEW YORK - This year is election year for both our Governor and many of our legislators.

NewsChannel 34's Morgan Mckay explains what new protections the Governor wants to put into place to help keep foreign meddling out of our local elections.

"We need a system in place that governs the federal elections," said Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Governor Andrew Cuomo on the phone with U.S Senator Amy Klobuchar went into more detail about proposed legislation that would impact elections across the country.

It would mandate better transparency in political advertising and require online platforms to maintain an archive of political ads.

"Social media has revolutionized politics in a way we haven't seen since TV and more and more people are using social media to do ads. How can you not have disclosure?" said Cuomo.

Governor Cuomo has proposed in his budget $12 million to strengthen statewide cyber security protections and improve voting access.

The Governor says he hopes that this will help ensure that both federal and state elections are fair, transparent and free from foreign influence. 

"If its not Vladimir Putin it could be North Korea, it could be any country. The system is so porous right now," said Cuomo. 

 The budget is due in a little over three weeks.

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