Goodstock Teaches Proper Preparation for Superfoods

Published 06/09 2014 04:43PM

Updated 06/09 2014 05:23PM

A Binghamton woman is teaching people how to use traditional food preparation techniques to improve their nutrition and digestion.

Judy Robilotti is a co-founder of Goodstock. She offers classes that teach ways to prepare nutrient-dense foods, or superfoods.

Bone broth from chicken or beef is one of these superfoods, which can be used as a drink, broth, or in a stew.

Fermented vegetables like beets, cabbage, carrots, ginger, and sauerkraut are loaded with nutrients that can act as a blood cleanser.

You can even ferment fruit to make drinks like ginger ale.

In order to prepare these foods, Robilotti is bringing back practices that were common over 100 years ago.

"This is what we're bringing back is basic cooking skills and the preparation that is pre-digesting the food. Easy for our bodies to assimilate," explained Robilotti.

Robilotti says long slow simmering of the stock pulls nutrients out of the bones, marrow and cartilage.

The fermented vegetables provide plenty of pro-biotics, or good bacteria, that help your digestive tract.

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