Dos and Don'ts of Recycling

Published 04/17 2014 03:41PM

Updated 04/17 2014 05:17PM

Broome County's expansive recycling program is designed to keep clutter out of the landfill.

"Landfill space is very expensive to build new cells and we really don't want to see this material go into the landfill and be buried when we know it can have a second life and be reused as a new product or material."

Broome County has expanded its recycling program over the years.

Here are items that you should recycle: pizza boxes, single layer cardboard boxes, milk cartons, newspaper, magazines, catalogs, paper, hard and soft cover books, yogurt tubs, juice containers, small plastic toys, foam egg cartons, plastic cups, plastic reusable food storage containers, clean glass jars, aluminum cans, clean foil, metal pots and pans.

These are things you shouldn't: blue prints, tissues, napkins, paper towels, wax paper, plastic bags, styrofoam packing foam, small appliances, plastic utensils, window pane glass, mirrors, light bulbs, metal utensils and hangers.

"We keep looking at different materials to add to the program. We try to make it as easy as possible. a lot of the haulers now collect materials as single stream so there is no more sorting of papers and containers. They can be placed all together."

If you find that you're running out of room in your yellow 18 gallon recycling bin you can always come up here to the landfill and trade it for a blue 32 gallon container. One per resident is free. If you need more than one the cost is $14 per blue container.

And, while it's important to recycle, it's also good to buy items that are made from recyclables.

"We do encourage residents when you go shopping that you go to place and look for items that are made form post-consumer recycled content. That's because that's a huge indicator that that material was recycled from curbside programs like ours."

If you need a new yellow recycling bin, you can get those from your hauler, which may be a municipality or private business depending on where you live. If you regularly drop off your recyclables at the landfill, you can pick one up there.

The new yellow bins hold the same amount, but are taller and not as long as the old ones.

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