Denver Jones Seeks Signatures to Primary Libous

Published 07/01 2014 04:30PM

Updated 07/01 2014 05:22PM

A business owner is seeking to primary Republican State Senator Tom Libous this September.

Denver Jones, who lives in Candor, co-owns an electronics manufacturing company in Ithaca.

Jones says when he realized that no one was going to challenge Libous this year, he felt the need to get involved.

He says he's opposed to the unrelenting taxes and regulations that Albany has put on companies.

Jones says the energy spent on the tax free Start Up New York initiative to attract new companies should have been spent on giving businesses a break to make it more attractive for everyone to be in the state.

"We have major problems with businesses leaving the state, leaving the country, because of taxes and regulation, you name it and I've talked with people who have businesses and they are going to retire and they are not going to pass it on. They're just going to close up. There's no reason for some people to start a business," said Jones.

Jones says he and his team are still working to collect petition signatures needed to get on the ballot so he can primary State Senator Tom Libous.

They are due next week.

Jones says he has set up local headquarters at 1901 Vestal Parkway West where Claudia Tenney's campaign had been.

He says it will be staffed from 11 to 7 through early next week for people to stop by who want to get involved with his campaign.

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