Davis College to Help Students Pay Off Tuition Debt

Published 04/23 2014 04:30PM

Updated 04/23 2014 05:19PM

Davis College will be taking part in a unique program that can help students repay their educational loans.

The Davis College Loan Repayment Assistance Program will be provided for free to all incoming freshman starting this fall.

Ideally, graduates will get a good-paying job when they get out. However, if a graduate's income is below $35,000, the program will assist them in paying back their loans until they get a higher paying job or the loan is paid off.

For instance, a graduate making less than $20,000 a year can receive full tuition reimbursement.

"We are implementing this loan repayment assistance program to provide a safety net for those students so that as they consider coming to Davis and as they learn and grow here that they don't have that fear that student loan debt is going to somehow burden them and hold them back from pursuing what God has chosen for them and planted on their heart as a desire to do," said chief enrollment officer Rick Cramer.

In addition to offering the loan repayment program called FLEX, the college has also frozen tuition and is offering additional financial aid assistance.

For more information, log onto DavisNY.edu and click on the financial aid link.

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