Coalition Seeking Mandate Relief

Published 06/23 2014 04:23PM

Updated 06/23 2014 05:13PM

We need mandate relief.

That's the message from a statewide coalition.

Members say when New York lawmakers passed the property tax increase cap, they had promised meaningful mandate relief, because the state has been requiring local governments and schools to do certain things, without providing them with the money, so the burden falls on local taxpayers.

The coalition, which includes the organization Unshackle Upstate and the Greater Binghamton Chamber, says the state needs to take numerous steps including controlling construction costs, providing portable pension benefits, redefining compulsory arbitration and capping health insurance costs, in order to rein in sky-rocketing budgets.

"It's important for people to understand without significant mandate relief coming from our elected officials in the senate, assembly and out of the Governor's office, we will services slashed at the municipal level. It will take you longer to fix roads, it will take them longer to fix potholes, it will take longer to fix bridges," said executive director Brian Sampson.

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