Claudia Tenney Running For Congress

Published 05/09 2014 07:43PM

Updated 05/09 2014 08:04PM

A Utica area Assemblywoman has established a campaign office on the Vestal Parkway as part of her effort to unseat incumbent Congressman Richard Hanna.

Claudia Tenney will face Hanna in a Republican primary on June 24th. Tenney is in her second term in the New York State Assembly and she says she's been rated the most conservative lawmaker in that chamber. She says, by contrast, Hanna has been rated the third most liberal Republican in the House of Representatives. Tenney says she disagrees with many of the Congressman's stances including his support for federal funding of universal pre-K, the Common Core, federal funding for late term abortions and his votes to raise the payroll tax and a taxon medical devices.

Claudia Tenney says, "I would describe myself as a supporter of the core principles of the Tea Party which are less taxes and less government. And those are the core principles of the Tea Party and I support those wholeheartedly."

A spokesperson for Congressman Hanna says Tenney has a hard time telling the truth. Hanna's spokesperson says he supports early childhood education but not the common core. He's never voted for federal funding of late term abortions nor voted for increased taxes on medical devices. Furthermore, the spokesperson says Hanna voted to lock in 99 percent of the Bush era tax cuts as part of the deal to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff.

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