City Police to Handle Off-Campus B.U. Students

Published 08/22 2014 04:28PM

Updated 08/22 2014 05:10PM

Binghamton University and the City of Binghamton are teaming up to put an extra police officer on the streets.

The initiative was announced at the university's downtown center, this morning.

One Binghamton patrolman is going to be assigned to handle issues with off-campus B.U. students. That work includes interacting with students, their parents and residents in the city.

He will also be patrolling Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights when many students are in bars downtown to make sure that they are not disruptive at closing time and as they walk home.

"When we talk about the area in which a lot of the focus will be taking place, we're looking at downtown and portions of the westside. Now, as part of that as well, Tuesday and Wednesday we want to have office hours for members of the public," said Mayor Rich David.

The officer who has been assigned to the beat is Dan Flanders, who typically works downtown already.

"This will make it easier for me to interact with students, as well as residents, once they know that they are able to come here and contact me directly through the hours that I will be working out of this building. We want to make this position very approachable," said Flanders.

B.U. will pay Flanders' salary of $50,000. The city will pay for his benefits. It will also be hiring an additional officer to replace Flanders.

The program will be re-evaluated after one year.

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