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City of Binghamton parking meters replaced with kiosks

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - The City of Binghamton has replaced all of its parking meters with kiosks.

50 new parking kiosks have been installed around the City.

Drivers go to the kiosk, pay with coin, cash or credit and then display the receipt on their dashboard.

The kiosks run solely on solar energy.

Last September, five were installed as part of a pilot program, resulting in 22,000 transactions generating over $19,000 dollars in revenue.

Mayor Rich David says the new kiosks are a step toward modernizing the city.

"This is about investing in technology, upgrading our infrastructure and most importantly, this is a symbol of progress. Cities large and small across the nation have already began utilizing parking technology," said David.

David says the new meters eliminate "piggy backing," where a driver parks and uses the remaining time paid by the previous driver.

All 55 kiosks cost $480,000, which David says will pay for themselves in two years.

The current parking prices have not changed, but could be adjusted based on demand.

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