Binghamton University's Eating Awareness Committee Launches Positive Self-Image Campaign

By Ashley Zachariah

Published 02/24 2014 04:37PM

Updated 02/24 2014 05:17PM

Some Binghamton University students are using mirrors to get people to focus on their positive attributes.

The school's Eating Awareness Committee has launched an initiative called "You are greater than your reflection." Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to write uplifting messages on a mirror reflecting their best qualities.

Today, the committee set up a table in the new food court. Later this week, the effort will reach into the dorms as committee members lead positive self-talk discussions.

"I think most people when they look in the mirror they don't necessarily look for the good things," said senior Jocelyn Resnick. "A lot of times, people look at the negatives, instead of focusing on the positives. So this project is trying to encourage students to focus on the positives within their life."

The campaign is in recognition of National Eating Disorders Week. Organizers say a poor self-image can affect anyone, men and women, young and old. And that negativity can harm your health over the long term.

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