Binghamton University to research locally grown hemp

TOWN OF UNION, N.Y. - New York State is moving forward with the planting, processing and production of industrial hemp to help revitalize the economy.

On Thursday, Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo detailed a partnership where industrial hemp will be grown locally then given to the Binghamton University School of Pharmacy to research.

Nanticoke Gardens will grow and harvest 15,000 hemp plants at its facility along Union Center Highway in the Town of Union.

Once harvested, the crop will be given to Southern Tier Hemp out of Syracuse for processing, then forwarded on to B.U. to research its medicinal benefits.

This style of hemp plant is not used for textiles, but instead is harvested for its cannabidiol, or CBD concentration.

CBD is used to produce hemp infused beauty and health products along with medicine.

Lupardo, who began the process in 2014 by sponsoring a bill for research into industrial hemp, says the crop could rejuvenate the local economy.

"It has every potential to be a very, very big deal for our community. It has the potential to bring on more farmers, revitalize manufacturing of this product into many different types of products. We're going to take it one step at a time," said Lupardo

On Wednesday, Governor Cuomo signed a bill to support $10 million in grant funding to grow industrial hemp statewide.

$5 million will support production and research, while other efforts include the establishment of a one-stop-shop for resources and a hotline for producers and growers.

The industrial hemp planted at Nanticoke Gardens will be harvested in October.

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