Binghamton University Secures $13 Million Grant

Published 06/19 2014 04:39PM

Updated 06/19 2014 05:17PM

Binghamton University has secured a nearly $13 million award from the Department of Energy to support battery technology research.

B.U. is already working in the area, as it seeks to help solve future energy problems.

Its development efforts can lead to practical uses when it comes to technology, including developing more powerful cell phone batteries and creating smaller batteries with more juice to power electric cars.

"We believe that this is probably the second largest research grant that Binghamton University has ever received. We're excited about it, because it's in an area that we've identified as being critical to our future, not only Binghamton University's future, but the future of the our state and our country," said B.U. president Harvey Stenger.

The money will help support dozens of graduate students and faculty members.

B.U. President Harvey Stenger says he expects the research to lead to securing patents and to create jobs in the future.

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