Binghamton school district welcomes 40 new teachers

Published 09/02 2014 04:19PM

Updated 09/02 2014 05:13PM

Binghamton (WIVT) - The Binghamton City School District is welcoming 40 new teachers to its ranks.

Between some teachers retiring, and others moving, 32 spots were left to be filled. The recently hired teachers just completed their orientation, which included a bus tour of the city.

"The former teacher who has been there for 20 years, just retired, so now I'm taking over. So I'm going to be adding stuff to the program, yes, but keeping a lot of the same things she did as well,"said Chelsea Gavazza, the district's new dance instructor.

Ale Diagne, who previously worked at Binghamton High School teaching Mandarin as a substitute, is the district's new French teacher.

"I had a job in Albany last year at a charter school. And the school district called me back about this position in French and I didn't even hesitate. This is a great school district, and my two kids, I have two boys who will be attending package, everything being considered, those are the reasons why I'm back here," said Diagne.

Eight of the teachers will be filling new positions that were created because of increased student enrollment.

"I'm so excited for the kids to come back and start teaching them dance, and seeing some of them perform for the first time and take dance for the first time. I think it's a wonderful program Binghamton High School has, and I can't wait to be a part of it," said Gavazza.

The new teacher bus tour is an annual event.

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