Binghamton Adds Two New Street Sweepers

Published 06/10 2014 04:59PM

Updated 06/10 2014 05:19PM

The City of Binghamton has two new tools in its effort to keep the streets clean.

Mayor Rich David introduced two new street sweepers this morning at a news conference on the city's Westside.

David says the machines will be primarily focused on cleaning the city's residential neighborhoods.

Previously, Binghamton only had one working street sweeper and it was dedicated mostly to downtown.

David says residents can now expect their streets to be swept on a weekly basis.

He says it's all part of his effort to ma the city cleaner and safer.

"It's part of this administrations ongoing commitment to cleaning up our neighborhoods because I firmly believe that if we cant get our arms around basic city services like keeping city streets clean then I'm not sure how anyone can expect to do the larger initiatives that we are focusing on," said David.

The two street sweepers cost the city $388,000.

David says his administration used FEMA money to cover the cost because former sweepers the city owned had been damaged by sweeping up flood debris.

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