Bikram Yoga Teacher Places in National Competition

Published 03/25 2014 04:16PM

Updated 03/25 2014 05:17PM

A local yoga teacher placed 6th in the nation at the annual National Asana Yoga Championship. Roxanne Janecki, an instructor at Bikram Yoga in downtown Binghamton, also placed third at this years NY Regional event.

Roxanne said that hot yoga benefits people of all ages and all levels.

Bikram is a specific sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises practiced in a room at about 105 degrees. The heat of the room helps speed up the body's natural chemical reactions, allowing faster results and deeper stretches.

"I certainly wasn't flexible when I started. I had a really awful knee injury, couldn't really walk that well. And practicing yoga really helped heal my body. And that's what inspired me to share my practice with others because hopefully some people could resonate with that. And that's why I keep competing because every year the body keeps gets a little bit better, a little bit healthier. It's never ending. And that's why I like to compete," said Roxanne.

Bikram Yoga Binghamton works to help increase overall health and fitness and encourages beginners to try out a class.

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