B.C. Sheriff's Office Takes Budget Cut After Sales Tax Falls Short

Published 06/09 2014 04:58PM

Updated 06/09 2014 05:22PM

The Broome County Sheriff's Office is bracing for a potential $450,000 budget cut next year.

Sheriff Dave Harder has received a letter and budget packet requesting the spending cut, because the county took in significantly less sales tax revenue than it originally anticipated for the first quarter.

The county had anticipated $31.5 million, but only took in $28.5 million.

A spokesman for the county has said that the county has embarked on an austerity plan that includes not filling vacancies unless they're related to public safety or health.

Summer help for the parks and the highway department will also be curtailed.

All departments are being asked to hold down expenditures.

Sheriff Harder says the county's request will be a real challenge. He says while his office, which includes the jail and road patrol division, has a $33 million budget, he says he doesn't have the flexibility to make significant cuts to it.

"Almost all of that $33 million is by contracts, whether it's employees, equipment, medical services or whatever is out there, I only control about $600,000 of my own budget out of $33 million," said Harder.

Harder says he and his team are still studying the potential impacts.

If the sheriff's office has to make the cuts it has been asked to, then personnel from the office might have to be cut.

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