Astorino Weighs In on Fracking at Vestal Asphalt

Published 05/06 2014 04:44PM

Updated 05/06 2014 05:17PM

Presumptive Republican Gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino also weighed in on fracking at Vestal Asphalt this afternoon.

Astorino says Governor Andrew Cuomo has turned gas development into a political issue and refuses to make a decision. He says Cuomo's policies are solidifying New York's status as having one of the worst business climate's in the entire country.

Astorino says responsible fracking can help create jobs like it has done in 30 other states. He says Cuomo is sending the wrong message to New Yorkers.

"He's basically saying to all the New Yorkers who are dying for jobs up here, you're on your own. What's happening? People are moving. They're throwing in the towel. We've had 400,000 New Yorkers leave this state in four years," said Astorino.

Astorino spoke at Vestal Asphalt on Stage Rd. The company and several other businesses that it created do work with the gas industry in Pennsylvania, including helping with infrastructure projects and hauling fracking water and residual waste.

Company President Neil Guiles says fracking in Pennsylvania created about 80 jobs at his companies. He says that figure could be even bigger if New York lifts its moratorium.

"I think it would mean almost an immediate up-tick in employment. You talk about people making salaries and wages, decent wages, and they spend that money here," said Guiles.

Astorino says he expects to name his lieutenant governor running mate within the next few days.

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