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'A Room to Heal' helps 2-year-old recover from dog attack

CONKLIN, N.Y. - A 2-year-old from Conklin who was viciously attacked by a dog has a new bedroom to help her recover.

A Room To Heal revealed a brand new bedroom this afternoon for Brooke Tonkin.

The non-profit organization creates healing environments for kids suffering from significant injuries and illnesses.

Last October, the 2-year-old was bitten by a dog while she was with a babysitter, resulting in facial, back and shoulder injuries.

Since then, she's had night terrors, sleepless nights, and is very cautious around animals, including her pet cat.

Brooke's Mother, Sara Solian, says when she went to pick up her daughter that day, she had no idea she had been attacked.

"I didn't know what to do.  My heart dropped.  I was just going to pick her up like any other day.  I had no idea anything had even happened until I got there. My first thought was how do I get to the hospital.  I need my baby," said Solian.

Brooke's room includes a brand new bed and a pull-out sofa along with stuffed animals and night lights that are "Doc McStuffin" themed.

Doc McStuffin is a cartoon character that cares for sick animals and toys.

A Room To Heal Co-Founder and Board Member Laurie Abess says she's glad to help relieve some of Brooke's pain.

"No one ever expects something like this to happen.  The mom was just horrified that this happened to her beautiful daughter.  Coming in here and bringing some joy into their life means the world to us," said Abess.

Solian says Brooke has to travel back and forth from Syracuse for medical care and needs at least one more surgery.

Brooke spent the day exploring her new space and has taken a liking to her convertible couch.

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