Three New B.C. Legislatures Sworn In

Published 08/25 2014 04:23PM

Updated 08/25 2014 06:03PM

Three new Broome County legislators have been sworn-in.

The two Republicans are Jason Shaw who now represents district 8 and Greg Baldwin of the 6th district. Both live in the Town of Union.

They replace George Phillips and David Jensen, who recently resigned from the leg.

Shaw co-owns Our Country Hearts with his father.

Baldwin used to work at IBM and now is in the insurance business.

"Being positioned in Endicott, a lot of Endwell residents come to visit our store. I've gotten to hear a lot of what they think and that's really how I got involved, was just listening to my customers, who then became people I want to help out through the legislature," said 8th District B.C. Legislator Jason Shaw.

"With daughters, or with kids, most of the time people want their kids to stick around and I do and if we create more opportunity, a better way here in Broome County, it benefits them and everybody. I'm excited and excited to give back," said 6th District B.C. Legislator Greg Baldwin.

Democratic 15th District Legislator Mark Whalen is a familiar face. He has served 11 terms, or 22 years.

He couldn't run again last election, because of a federal law that barred him, because of his position with the Binghamton Fire Department. That rule has since been changed.

Whalen replaces John Hutchings.

"It's always about needs of the community. I'm looking forward to getting back into it and bringing a historical perspective on how things got to be the way they are. You don't just come into government and throw things out because you're ideologically opposed to it, most of these programs have reasons for existing," said Whalen.

All 15 seats on the Broome County Legislature are up for election, this November.

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