ACCO Brands adding 28 new employees to workforce

Published 09/03 2014 04:38PM

Updated 09/03 2014 05:21PM

Sidney (WIVT) - One of Delaware County's largest employers is hiring. ACCO Brands in Sidney is adding 28 full-time workers to its force of 650 permanent employees.

The company is a global leader of office products with brands including At A Glance, Mead, Day Timer, and Day Runner with customers in 100 countries.

The new workers will be mainly general laborer positions, with a few administrative.

Jeffrey Almasian, the Sidney facility's general manager, said while there is a focus on technology now a days, the demand for traditional office products and organizational materials is still strong.

"Through investment in the organization into our Sidney facility, in terms of increased technology and equipment and consolidating other operations into our facility, we've seen significant growth both in sales and in in-sourcing product that was previously produced overseas. As a result, as our volume has increased, we've also had to increase our employment levels," he said.

ACCO Brands facility in Sidney is its largest in North America at 720,000 sq. feet.

It has been in the community for 60 years.

"Our people here have an altruistic sense towards the organization. They work very hard. They are very dedicated and we've worked together to increase our productivity, improve our safety, to lower our cost and those are all key components when we're looking at competing overseas and being able to bring products in, cost competitive and with great quality and great service to our customers. It has really been a team effort," said Almasian.

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