Field Operations Manager

The Insulation Man

The Insulation Man – Field Operations Manager

Job Description:

Key Result Area 1: Team Player

The keys to success at The Insulation Man involve being a team player in the full sense of the word. This includes being dependable, reliable, showing openness, follow-through, attentiveness, supervision, documentation, and following the policies and procedures. It also means being aware of your surroundings and how you carry out and discharge your role as a team mate.

Key Result Area 2: Preparation

The functions of Preparation will be successfully completed when: - The Warehouse has been cleaned, checked for safety concerns, and has been cleared of any and all hazards - Materials and supplies have been re-stocked safely and logged - Vehicles, tools, and equipment have been cleaned organized and safely put away - All tools, equipment, and waste or unused material have been safely organized in trucks and secured for transport - You participate in regularly scheduled inventory/audits on equipment, vehicles, tools, and materials - You can regularly inspect required safety equipment and report any and all defects or damage that may impede proper function of such equipment - You take a daily Inventory of required truck stock and ensure that additional specific equipment for the day’s work has been verified by the Crew Lead or Project Superintendent

Key Result Area 3: Installation

The functions of Installation will be successfully completed when: - You can demonstrate that you understand the sequence and flow of work on any job and you can work effectively throughout the work day and with minimal supervision - Vehicles, materials, and equipment have been cleaned, loaded, and prepped for the next job once confirmed with the Crew Lead or Project Superintendent - Job site walkthrough has been completed with site supervisor and all tools, equipment, materials, debris have been properly picked up - You monitor and enforce safety requirements, first aid supplies and safety equipment on and near the job site - Installation of all energy efficiency measures has been completed - The quality of your workmanship has met or surpassed expectations of your supervisor - You have reported and documented any injuries no matter the severity - The installation according to the job notes and job scope has been properly completed and the site walk through has been completed satisfactorily as determined by the site supervisor

Key Result Area 4: Record Keeping

The functions related to Record Keeping will be successfully completed when: - All daily and jobsite forms have been correctly and legibly completed- most importantly all hours have been recorded throughout the day - All receipts have been submitted - You have communicated with the Site Supervisor regarding when you leave one site and proceed to the next and hours have been recorded.

Key Result Area 5: Professionalism

The functions related to demonstrating Professionalism will be successfully completed when: - You maintain a current operator license for driving as required by state law in order to maintain your ability to perform the requirements of your position - You maintain and can procure a copy of your OSHA 10 upon request - Communication with customers is primarily the responsibility of the supervising person - You show courtesy and tact when interacting with customers or potential customers (keep all discussions brief) - In the event of a problem or misunderstanding in directions, if change orders are sought by the customer, if questions as to costs, building science, or billing arise, they must be directed to the site supervisor. If this cannot be done, excuse yourself from the conversation and call the Project Manager or the Office for further instruction - Language and attire should always be appropriate. - You demonstrate the ability to solve problems and are familiar with the roles and responsibilities of your teammates across the company so that you can fulfill your duties properly and efficiently while properly complementing the goals and objectives of the company. - You are a representative of The Insulation Man, LLC, remember that you are extremely important to the success of the company in maintaining the highest standards of product quality and customer satisfaction.

Job Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:00 AM – 3:30 PM

Overtime is to be worked as needed and is expected during the busy season, September – March Occasionally, out of town and weekend work will be required.


Contact Information

The Insulation Man, LLC.
Susan Gahagan
428 Court St. Suite 2
Binghamton, NY 13904

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