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Job Description



Acts as a liaison to ensure job trainees have access to required services, tracks progress of each trainee and ensure effective and efficient communication about trainee progress to BCDSS and other community partners.


Trainee Advocacy:

• Provide professional and prompt responses to inquiries from applicants and BCDSS

• Develop, improve and administer a professional process for tracking and reporting trainee progress

• Ensure that every communication is focused and in line with our Vision, Mission and Values

• Gain thorough knowledge of existing community services to increase each trainee’s chance to gain employment and work towards self-sufficiency



• In partnership with the CHOW Manager, develop, monitor, track, report and enhance all aspects of trainee application, orientation, job skills training progress and the obtainment of employment

• Develop and maintain a positive working relationship with all BCDSS staff, trainees and those associated with the Council

• Assist trainees with obtaining supportive services as required

• Assist trainees with working in CHOW/Broome Bounty warehouse



• Ensure that all BCDSS contractual obligations are met and that the systems for compliance are up-to-date

• Ensure proactive communication regarding trainee progress

• Ensure that all local, state, and federal safety standards are in compliance

• Ensure that all BC3 policies and procedures are adhered to

• Ensure BC3 and BCDSS resources are used in an efficient manner

• Other duties as assigned



• The ability to create and maintain a trainee focused environment that recognizes the strengths and abilities of each trainee

• The ability to appreciate and recognize the strengths of other team members and work together in a non-threatening manner

• Requires experience and/or willingness and ability to fully implement a comprehensive approach to managing the CHOW Works Program

• Ability to interpret regulations associated with the JST RFP

• Ability to become familiar and functional with community resources

• Ability to work with a diverse trainee population

• Ability to maintain a laser focus on ensuring trainee progress in JST, wellness, employment and self-sufficiency

• Ability to have empathy for those that we serve while ensuring that they make progress towards self-sufficiency

• Higher Education is preferred


Work Setting:

• Will work in an office, warehouse and community settings. May involve nontraditional work hours and work weeks “Connecting compassion with needs; Inspiring growth with dignity"


Contact Information

Broome County Council of Churches

Rosemarie Kleitz

3 Osteningo st, Binghamton, NY 13903

607 724-9130

607 724-9148

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